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When Girl’s Bike Is Stolen, Torrington Officer Gets Her One



    When Girl’s Bike Is Stolen, Torrington Officer Gets Her One
    Tabitha Nieves
    Emma on the bike that was stolen.

    When someone stole a 10-year-old Torrington girl’s bicycle last month, the officer who took the report knew the chances of finding it were slim.

    He also knew that Emma Mabe would probably go all summer without being able to ride, so he decided to do something  about it. He got her one and surprised the family on Monday.

    Emma’s mother, Tabitha Nieves, said the bike that was stolen had been a gift from Emma’s grandmother. They reported it on May 18.

    When the officer, who wants to remain anonymous, visited the family to take the report, he said it was unlikely that they would find Emma’s bike.

    He told the family that thieves often strip bikes and paint them different colors, according to Nieves.

    They didn’t have money to go buy a new bike, Nieves said, but did not think much about it.

    But, the officer thought Emma was a sweet young girl and he knew how important the bike was to her, police said.

    On Saturday,  the officer stopped by, spoke with Nieves husband and said he had a bike for Emma.

    When he dropped it off on Monday, he said no child should go the summer without a bike, according to Nieves.

    Nieves said the officer said the bike had been donated, but police said the officer was so bothered about Emma’s bike being stolen that he went out and bought one.

    Emma was so surprised when she came home from the school and saw the bike in the backyard, her mother said.

    Nieves shared the story on a Torrington Facebook page, according to the Register-Citizen, which first reported the story. She said there are so many negative stories that she wanted to share a positive one.  

    Emma’s excited about the gift and thrilled that she will have a bike for the summer, her mother said.

    The officer does not want any recognition, according to police, who only released information after receiving inquiries from media outlets.