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Who Owns the Lebanon Town Green?



    Lawsuit Filed Over Lebanon Town Green

    Lebanon can't renovate the public library on the Town Green because it turns out the Green is actually owned by a mystery group of heirs of the original proprietors, dating back to Colonial times.

    (Published Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018)

    The Town of Lebanon filed a lawsuit to settle a town green ownership dispute.

    The Lebanon Historical Society said the lawsuit stems from a decision made three years ago to renovate the town’s library located on the Lebanon Green but it was later discovered the town actually didn't own the property it had managed for years.

    "It's uncertain how to proceed at this point," president of the Lebanon Historical Society, Rick Kane, said.

    Technically, the heirs of the original signees from centuries ago are the original proprietors, but it's not clear who those heirs may be today. 

    "Who are they? Where are they? The number could be in the tens of thousands and how do you find them and is there a paper trail to support any claim they might have?” Kane asked.

    While the historical society is listed as one of about a half-dozen defendants filed in the lawsuit by the town, Kane said it's more of a way for the town to get some clarification.

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