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Local Businesses Warned about Unofficial UConn Posters

The Windham Chamber of Commerce has concerns about a company trying to sell ad space on unofficial UConn calendars



    Windham Chamber of Commerce is warning local businesses about unofficial UCONN calendar. (Published Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014)

    The Windham Chamber of Commerce is sending out a warning to local businesses about what they’re calling an advertising scam.

    “It’s an absolute scam,” said Diane Nadeau with the Chamber for Commerce. She’s frustrated with what’s been happening to her members in the last week. “We were very upset,” Nadeau explained.

    She says 40 businesses in 5 towns have contacted her saying an out of state company is calling them and asking for hundreds of dollars to advertise on a UConn men’s and women’s basketball poster that includes the game schedule. Then they’re sent an example, showing what it would look like. “It sounded funny and fishy to us because we work with UConn and know how things work,” Nadeau said.

    That company is Spectrum Demographic Marketing. They also send out a contract and supposedly mislead businesses to think it’s an official UConn poster. Nadeau says a dozen local businesses have paid for a spot. “That's a waste of your money,” she added.

    An official from UConn Licensing and Branding told NBC Connecticut that this is not official and the company has no affiliation with the university. He says he contacted the owner, letting them know it can’t mislead businesses into thinking the poster is official, and can’t use UConn’s trademarks or logos including the school and team names. If that happens, UConn could take legal action.

    “Don’t fall for it make sure you know who is selling it,” Nadeau said.

    NBC Connecticut contacted the company listed in Ohio and Kentucky for a comment but it was after hours and no one returned the phone calls.

    UConn says if you get a call for advertising, research who is on the other line, and make sure they’re actually linked to the school.