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Winter Storm Cancels Flights at Bradley



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    Airline have started cancelling flights in anticipation of a big storm coming Saturday.

    Connecticut is hoping to get a pass on the latest winter storm to hit the Mid-Atlantic.  That said, the storm will still impact travelers at Bradley Airport. 

    Sorry guys. Many flights coming in and out of the Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia area, as well as Pittsburgh have been canceled, which is why many travelers hopped a flight Thursday instead.

    “I was supposed to leave D.C. Friday morning, but everyone else in my meeting started to get flights tonight and I figured I’d better too!” Carrie Regenstein, of Pittsburgh, said.

    Airlines are already delaying and canceling flights on Friday and Saturday. 

    Impending Weather Causes Some to Flee

    [HAR] Impending Weather Causes Some to Flee
    Some airline passengers arrived at Bradley Airport sooner than originally planned afer catching earlier flights to avoid travel delays. A major winter storm sweeping across the Mid-Atlantic states has some airlines cancelling flights in advance.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 5, 2010)

    On Southwest’s website, the airline warns of disrupted service. It's already canceled Saturday flights into Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington Dulles.

    That affects at least seven flights leaving Bradley International Airport. 

    A familiar face was more than ready to leave the Washington area behind Thursday night.

    “Last votes wrapped up a few hours ago and that’s usually good enough for me to get home and see my wife and daughter.  There’s no question the city is freaking out. They just don’t handle this very well,” said U.S. Representative Joe Courtney.

    Check in with your airline before your scheduled departure time. Many airlines are waiving their re-booking fees to help passengers rearrange their travel plans.