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Wire Damage Delays Metro-North New Haven Line



    Wire Damage Delays Metro-North New Haven Line

    Trains on the Metro-North New Haven Line were delayed for hours Thursday night after an Amtrak train caused wire damage on one of the tracks just before 6 p.m., according to a spokesperson for the MTA.

    The train became disabled on the tracks near Rye and a diesel locomotive arrived to tow it away, the MTA said.

    In the meantime, New Haven Line trains heading outbound from New York were detoured onto track 1, which is usually used as an inbound local track.

    There was no local service from New York to Rye, Port Chester or Greenwich on Thursday night. To get to these stations, commuters were required to take trains to Stamford, then backtrack, the MTA said.

    "Customers wishing to access those stations must travel to Stamford for Westbound local service. Customers at these stations wishing to go Eastbound should take a Westbound train to New Rochelle for Eastbound service to your destination," Metro-North officials said in a statement Thursday evening.

    The repairs took several hours and Metro-North was back on schedule just after 1 a.m. Friday.