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With Warrants Unsealed Governor Wants Lawmakers to Act



    With Warrants Unsealed Governor Wants Lawmakers to Act

    They are the 85 pages of documents that state lawmakers and the governor wanted to see. On Thursday, Danbury State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky released new information about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Five warrants were unsealed in the case which detail what types of weapons and magazines were used in the shooting.

    "If anything it further supports what I believe needs to be done," Governor Dannel Malloy, said.

    The governor wants to ban assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines. He said lawmakers should now have all the information they need to act on new gun control legislation.

    "They knew enough a week ago, two weeks ago, four weeks ago, to take up a bill," Gov. Malloy, said. "Hopefully they will take up a bill now."

    Legislators sharply criticized state police last week for leaking information about the investigation into the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. They said they wanted more information to help them craft a bill.

    "It validates the assumptions we were going on from the beginning," House Republican Leader Lawrence Cafero, said.

    Prosecutors revealed that Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster .223 caliber model XM15 rifle and there were nine 30 round magazines recovered from the school. Lanza shot 154 rounds in 5 minutes, according to the warrants.

    "If he didn't have access to that gun and if he didn't have access to those magazines then would not have been able to do what he did in our state," Gov. Malloy, said.

    The governor and some lawmakers agree that if Lanza had smaller capacity magazines more people could have been able to escape while he was reloading. Banning high capacity magazines is still a sticking point in negotiations between legislative leaders.

    "It remains an issue that we are discussing," Senate President Donald Williams, said.

    "There are first grade parents in Newtown whose kids were able to flee that school who believe their kids lives were spared because of the changing of magazines," Senate Republican Leader John McKinney, said.

    State legislative leaders met behind closed doors once again on Thursday. They hoped to have a bill ready to go next week.