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Woman Calls Cops After Drug Deal Goes Bad

Jessica Boutin didn't get the drugs she had hoped for, police said.



    Woman Calls Cops After Drug Deal Goes Bad
    Meriden Police
    Jessica Boutin, 27, called police after a drug dealer gave her the wrong pills, police said.

    A Middletown woman called cops after her drug dealer apparently gave her the wrong pills.

    Jessica Boutin, 27, was arrested by Meriden police Tuesday. She went to a home on Pratt Street to illegally buy Percocet, according to police. When Boutin arrived, a woman came to the door and asked for $160, which Boutin handed over, police said. The woman went back inside and a man appeared with a bottle of pills and handed them to Boutin.

    After a short time, Boutin realized the pills she had been given were Seroquel, a drug to treat bipolar disorder, and not Percocet. She called police to complain she had been given the wrong drugs, according to authorities. Officers showed up and arrested her.

    Boutin was charged with illegally obtaining drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal possession of narcotics.

    She is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 24.