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Woman Injured by Bull at Berlin Fair

The victim was rushed to the hospital via Lifestar helicopter.



    A woman was rushed to the hospital after being thrown to the ground by a bull at the Berlin Fair.


    The incident happened during the "Ring of Fire" contest put on by the Xtreme Team Bull Riders.


    Woman Injured by Bull at Berlin Fair

    [HAR] Woman Injured by Bull at Berlin Fair
    Onlookers at the Berlin Fair witness a woman get injured as she participates in an event inside the Bull pen.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012)

    Contestants from the audience pay $20 and sign a waiver to be allowed into the ring. The last person who stays in the circle wins a cash prize.


    Something startled the bull and it ran towards the woman and knocked her over.


    Her injuries were serious enough that she had to be sent to Hartford Hospital by LifeStar Helicopter.


    One woman saw the immediate aftermath of what happened.


    "I saw that they were there trying to keep her stable and rushing her towards the ambulance," Aleksandra Kaminska, said. "I saw them blowing air into her mouth and she was on a stretcher. She couldn't move."


    EMS crews were stationed right next to the ring, so they were there almost immediately.


    The bull riding exhibition is operated by an outside vendor. They have operated at the Berlin Fair for the past two years.


    Because of what happened, fair organizers said they will not allow the audience participation portion of the show to continue for the remainder of the fair.


    "We feel the danger outweighs the benefits of having it," Robert Martin, the director of safety, said.