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Woman Pinned Between Car and School Bus

Police said a woman was helping a driver who suffered a diabetic emergency when she was pinned between a car and a school bus.



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    A pedestrian was struck by a school bus in South Windsor this afternoon while attempting to help another driver who was having a diabetic emergency, police said.

    According to police, the pedestrian, a woman who is about 40 years old, approached the driver’s side of a car that was stopped on Kelly Road earlier this afternoon.

    Police said the driver was suffering a diabetic emergency and the pedestrian walked up to check on the driver.

    While the pedestrian was standing next to the stopped car, a bus carrying South Windsor High School students drove up. The pedestrian waved the school bus on, and while the bus was attempting to pass them, the pedestrian became pinned between the bus and the stopped car, according to police.

    Police said the pedestrian managed to extract herself from between the two vehicles. She suffered minor crush injuries but was alert and conscious at the scene.

    Police said they expect the scene to be cleared by 4 p.m.