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Workers to Rally for Federal Minimum Wage Increase

July 24 is National Day of Action.



    Workers to Rally for Federal Minimum Wage Increase
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    There will be a rally today to increase the federal minimum wage.

    Groups in several U.S. states will be rallying on Tuesday in homes of raising the federal minimum wage. 

    July 24 has been deemed National Day of Action and workers, including office cleaners and security officers from state buildings, will march in Hartford for an increase in the federal minimum wage, according to the Service Employees International Union.

     The rally will begin at 3:30 p.m. at 450 Capitol Ave.

    A state bill to increase the minimum wage was moving though the General Assembly but did not come for a vote in the Senate before the end of the session.

    Opponents said they were concerned an increase could discourage employers from hiring more help during a time that the job market is already struggling.

    "Only in the state of Connecticut, only in the face of all the activity that's gone on this year, could we actually be voting and passing a bill on a committee that's just going to make lives more difficult," State Rep. Craig Miner, a Republican, said.

    The Connecticut Business and Industry Association has said an increase could lead to a setback for many employers in the state.