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Your Stories: Neighbor Says Drivers Fly Through Wethersfield Stop Sign



    Wethersfield Neighbors Complain About Intersection

    Neighbors along Dale Road in Wethersfield say drivers aren't stopping at a stop sign at a 3-way intersection.

    (Published Monday, May 14, 2018)

    A Wethersfield resident said drivers constantly run through the stop signs in his neighborhood, and reached out to NBC Connecticut for help.

    There is a three-way stop at Dale and Olney Roads in Wethersfield. But neighbor Steven Miller told NBC Connecticut there are more cars traveling on Dale Road than Olney, so drivers often don’t bother to stop.

    “Stop sign is a stop sign. They should obey the rules,” Miller said. “I’m concerned about the kids in the neighborhood getting run over by the cars not slowing down or stopping for the stop sign,” he added.

    Miller said at rush hour the problem gets worse because drivers use the streets as a shortcut.

    NBC Connecticut brought Miller’s concerns to Wethersfield Police Chief James Cetran. He said he knows of the intersection, but this was the first time he’s heard the complaint.

    “It’s not a heavily traveled road like the Silas Deane Highway or Ridge Road, but if there’s a problem, we’ll address it,” Cetran said.

    Cetran said his patrol division will look into it.

    “We can’t put and officer at every intersection in Wethersfield but we can address the ones we have a known issue with,” Cetran said.