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You Might Soon Zip Around New Haven in a Zipcar



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    New Haven Board of Aldermen considers allowing more Zipcars.

    Get ready to zip around New Haven in a Zipcar. The Board of Aldermen is considering a proposal to allow Zipcars at Union Station and a Crown Street parking garage, the New Haven Independentreports.

    Zipcar allows residents to avoid owning cars by having them sign up for accounts, then use cars when they need them.The hourly car rental outfit has already been operating successfully on the campus of Yale University for three years, the Web site reports.

    The proposal, which is now before the City Services and Environmental Policy Committee, is among Zipcar, Yale University, the city of New Haven and the New Haven Parking Authority. 

    Mike Piscitelli, head of the traffic and parking department, told the Web site that the parking authority will garage the vehicles and Yale will provide maintenance work. The city will provide marketing support without the support of public funds.

    Piscitelli also outlined the benefits of Zipcar for the Independent:

    • Less congestion and less pollution in the city
    • Fewer downtown residents will have to own and store cars
    • Having cars at Union Station might benefit visitors. Instead of driving up from New York City, a New Yorker could just take the train to New Haven and hop in a Zipcar from there.

    The City Services and Environmental Policy Committee will take up the matter at its next meeting.