George Floyd

‘A Better World for the Next Generation:' Torrington Rally Calls for Change

Hundreds of people gathered in Torrington Wednesday to reinforce a message being sent around the country.

Holding signs of support for George Floyd, people lined the street, chanting "black lives matter."

"It’s pretty crazy. But it’s really nice to see all these people out here supporting such an important thing," Nadia Graham of Torrington said.

The peaceful protest aimed to draw awareness to all who’ve been victims of police violence.

Floyd, 46, died handcuffed after pleading for air as a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against Floyd's neck for several minutes. After days of protests across the country, all four officers involved are now facing charges.

The crowd in Torrington was a collection of all backgrounds and races, people with a goal of a more unified society.

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"I just feel like, united as one is what we stand for as America but that’s not who we are right now and I feel like we really need to get there. We really do," Kaylie Mikita of Torrington said.

Skateboarder Cody Urbanski was among the demonstrators. He said he planned to turn laps until he couldn’t walk anymore, all with an important goal.

"Setting a better world for the next generation. They’re gonna grow up with all this hate and it shouldn’t be like that," Urbanski said.

That younger generation was well represented.

Protesters rallied in Torrington, Conn. on June 3, 2020.

"Everybody needs to hear our words. Without that, guess what? We can’t do anything about it," Hansel Feliz of Torrington said.

As the sun went down the crowd began to diminish, but their spirit did not. The final people to leave the demonstration were still holding signs as drivers continued to show support.

Rallies Across CT Call for Justice After Death of George Floyd

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