A Busy Friday for Hartford Sports Fans

Hartford was a sports haven Friday night.

For the first time, Hartford Athletic and the Hartford Yard Goats both had a home game on the same night.

While both teams lost, fans we spoke to are thrilled to have more teams in Connecticut to cheer for, after a long history of Hartford teams.

“I used to love the Rock Cats, but now they’re not a team, so it’s fun to have a team to go to,” said Colin, a Wethersfield little league player, cheering on the Yard Goats.

“Yes I enjoy it because I used to go to the Hartford Chiefs, 50 years ago,” said Charlie Lauf laughing.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I don’t go to New York to watch the Red Bull. I’m a Connecticut guy. We finally got pro football here in CT, excuse me, pro soccer here in Connecticut,” Myke Furhman, organizer of the Hartford Athletic supporters.

With both games starting at 7 p.m. Friday, fans has to decide what field to go too.

Sam Raynor of Glastonbury had his Yard Goats hat on at the soccer game, “Finally something to do in Hartford. The beat’s back.”

A few miles west we found fans who favor baseball.

The Laufs of East Hartford say they're the Yard Goats' greatest fans.

They look forward to the games after spending time in Florida. “You know we’ve been to games in Florida but it’s not the same as being home in Connecticut,” said Marilyn Lauf.

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