Snow Squalls, Downed Trees, Cold Air Hit State

Wind chills in the teens and single digits throughout Wednesday.

A strong cold front moved in late Tuesday, delivering some very cold air for the day Wednesday and into Thursday, and some Connecticut residents were greeted by snow squalls Wednesday morning and gusty brings have brought down trees in several communities.

Trees have come down in Farmington and Middletown. The most tragic incident happened in Avon. A school bus driver was killed when a wind brought a tree down on a school bus and the bus hit a pole.  

We're forecasting temperatures in the low 30s this afternoon.

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It will feel much colder than it actually is today. Winds will be out of the northwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour leading to single digit wind chill values. 

Temperatures will be even colder by Thursday morning. We're forecasting temperatures between 7 and 15 degrees. The record low temperature in the Hartford area is 9 degrees set back in 1934. 

The cold air recedes as we head into Friday, we're forecasting high temperatures in the low to middle 40s with afternoon rain showers. 

We're also keeping our eyes a wintry mix threat for Sunday and Monday. 

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