A Cut Above: Donations Pour in for Hartford Barber Who Lost Thousands During Break-In

Peter Tsakiris has been doing the hair of men and women from around Hartford for more than half a century. Some say he’s quite the cut-up.

“He’s known as the funny Greek barber," said Jay Majors, who grew up in Hartford and is now the owner of Major League Barbershop & Academy in West Haven.

What happened on the night of Jan. 26 was anything but funny. Police said a thief stole $10,000 worth of clippers, razors and other supplies from Tsakiris’ shop. 

“I felt like, ‘I don’t need an alarm and I don’t need insurance...and it happens, it happens,” Tsakiris said of the incident.

News spread, thanks to Johnny Cruz, who visited Tsakiris’ shop after the incident and shared what happened on the social media platform TikTok.

“He reminds me of my grandfather. When you’re an older guy, you know, you work hard, you do what you do for a living, it touches my heart,” said Cruz. “I was like I want him to get the help he needs. He deserves it.”

At a place that’s felt like a home for workers and customers, there's shock someone would break into Peter’s Unisex Hairstyling in Hartford and snatch the very things that have helped keep it buzzing for decades.

The buzz on social media caught the attention of Majors, who also runs the Connecticut Barber Expo.

“Every barber started messaging me,” he recalled.

Majors said donations came in from as far away as Cleveland, Ohio. Thousands of dollars-worth of new equipment rolled up in Umair Sultan’s barber supply van on Wednesday.

“He got a smile on his face, that Peter was happy,” said Sultan who owns CNS Supply.

A CNS supply van filled with barber tools rolled up to Tsakiris' shop on Wednesday.

Tsakaris was able to pick out clippers, disinfectant, aftershave and more with the money that was donated. A security system was also donated.

Tsakiris, a third generation barber, said some of what was stolen was sentimental, and to him, priceless.

“My dad was a barber,” said Tsakiris through tears. “I had a couple clippers, couple razor blades that belonged to my dad, been with me for 60 years, and I’m gonna miss that.”

Two days shy of his 80th birthday, the long-time barber believes he received the best birthday wish of all.

“I can’t be any happier because, look, I had no tools in my box when I walked in in the morning and right now, you look around me and I got everything I need and more. Today is one of the best days of my life.”

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