Investigating the Unknown in Madison

The Deacon John Grave House in Madison was built in 1685 and some say parts of that 300-year history have stuck around.

Legend has it that a form of a woman has been seen inside the house. It's supposed to be Ann Grave, who had fallen in love with a soldier who never returned home from war. She's been waiting ever since. Investigators say they don't know who is inside the house, but they do know a spirit is present. Some believe them.

An unexplained shadow, caught on tape is the most convincing evidence presented by paranormal investigators. They spent a few nights inside the Deacon John Grave House and recorded some startling discoveries.

"We were just trying to gather evidence to see if there was spirit activity or not," said Jan Forcier, a senior investigator with Connecticut Paranormal Research and Investigation.

"That was phenomenal, and they couldn't show how it could happen other than the paranormal. So that was pretty convincing, that's what put me over the edge," said Chaz Esposito of Orange.

"You realize these things can happen. I've had things happen to me, so I know it can happen," added Carmela Scialabba of Madison.

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