Christmas Day

A Look At How Some Celebrated Christmas

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Lots of people decided to add a couple of extra activities this year to their Christmas plans including stopping by the movies and checking out some of the holiday lights.

Apple Cinema Theatre in Hartford was one of the places with foot traffic on Christmas.

It's a past time some said that they wanted to take advantage of on the holiday.

"We felt like this is a good time because he's visiting and then it's a little bit of down-time before the family craziness happens later tonight," said Vicky Vu.

Vu and her boyfriend, Sun Ma, decided to check out the latest Spiderman movie while spending some quality time together.

"I don't usually celebrate Christmas, but now I have the chance so it's a cool way to spend it, you know, watch our favorite move," said Ma.

Those behind the counter were hard at work and a few of the workers said it's a welcoming sight with more customers coming in on a holiday.

"We look forward to seeing people especially because a lot of people have been coming in today and a lot of them are happy to see the latest movie," said Rikki Catalano, a manger at Apple Cinema Theatre. "There's a lot of kids coming for Sing 2 so that's been really cool to just see them."

Holiday lights were another activity some chose to participate on Christmas.

Dozens of cars drove through the Holiday Light Fantasia at Goodwin Park in Hartford. It came one day after the venue was forced to close down on Christmas Eve due to weather conditions.

Rose Gonzalez drove up from Waterbury to check out the holiday lights. The lights are a part of a family tradition and she's ensuring her kids have the chance to get in on the holiday magic after opening up their gifts on Christmas morning.

"It's awesome for the kids, they get excited to see the lights and it's something new that allows them to get out of the house," said Gonzalez. "I wanted to bring the kids because I remember when my family would bring me when I was a little girl."

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