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A New Type of Pumpkin Patch Makes Its Way to North Haven

Drive-thru visitors will experience a North Haven pumpkin patch in a new way.

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The Landing of North Haven, an assisted living center, is hosting a night at the pumpkin patch - a socially distanced drive-thru experience for the whole family.

"This is a family-friendly event for North Haven and all the surrounding towns," said Marketing Manager Donna Naparstek.

According to Naparstek, drive-thru visitors will experience "over 300 pumpkins that have been carved here at the Landing."

"They’ve been carved by our residents, they been carved by the community, they’ve been carved by high school students and volunteers and all of those pumpkins will be lit," Naparstek said.

For the team organizing the event, safety is the top priority. Workers greeting visitors as they enter will be wearing a mask and rubber gloves.

The event is free but Naparstek said donations are appreciated as they'll be going to the North Haven Rotary Club for a good cause. And even the money will be collected in a safe way.

"They'll be doing so on a pumpkin on a stick so it will be a very safe way of obtaining the donation. I will ultimately go back into the businesses here in the town of North Haven," Naparstek said.

The pumpkin patch drive-thru will take place Saturday, Oct. 24 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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