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A Special Snow Monster Visit for A Big Birthday

Well he certainly wasn’t tracking snow, but Snow Monster was out on the road Monday.

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JJ Figueroa is a long time participant at our NBC Connecticut blood drives with the American Red Cross. He is well known by donors as the sweet little boy who hands out life saver candies to all who donate because to him, they are saving his life.

Born with CVID, or common variable immunodeficiency, JJ has trouble fighting off infections because of a lack of antibodies in his blood, and relies on regular transfusions to live a healthy life. Being extremely susceptible to infection, the Figueroa family has needed to take extra caution during COVID-19. But the big double digit birthday calls for a big birthday surprise.

“For JJ, it’s more hard than regular people,” says JJ’s mom, Jessica. “It was a little fun amid all of this pandemic to have you guys here.”

A tour of the beast of the northeast and some fun Snow Monster swag to ring in a new decade. But what JJ really needs? Blood donations and specifically plasma donations from people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 so that he can start receiving treatments with the virus antibodies.

For more information on how to donate blood and to find a blood drive near you, just visit

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