Winter Snow Takes a Break, for Now

If you are one of those people who enjoy waiting to the last minute to start shopping, the weather is on your side.

It’s also on the side of carolers, Santa and travelers, until perhaps, Christmas Day.

In the wake of the huge Nor'easter that buried the state with between 1 and 26 inches of snow, the weather now looks positively tranquil, although chilly.

Blame it on the weak high pressure in Canada and the almost stalled old storm. It will produce wind today, tonight and tomorrow that will drive wind chills into the single digits. 

The next possible storm is just entering the Pacific Northwest today and it will take all week to get to us so, you’ll have plenty of time to dig out of the two feet of snow.

However, the old storm will spin some snow back into Northern New England during the week. Here in Connecticut, however, it should only produce clouds, so it should be fine for all shoppers and travelers.

A large storm will cruise across the country producing snow, ice, and rain from the Rockies to the Plains and eventually the Northeast.

It looks like Christmas Eve should be fair and pleasant, but by the afternoon hours of Christmas Day into Christmas Night the conditions should deteriorate quickly.

It is still early, but most signs point toward mixed precipitation, starting as snow and transitioning to ice or rain.

If you’re wondering where you could travel to and guarantee yourself a white Christmas, studies show that Dixville Notch, New Hampshire has the best chance in the Northeast.

Here is a list of  (someone worked very hard on this study! ):

Dreaming of a white Christmas.

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