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Abortion Rights Supporters Rally Around Connecticut

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Around the country and inside Connecticut, abortion rights advocates rallied together for a demonstration entitled "Bans of Our Bodies."

Many of the demonstrations are in response to a leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court that would overturn Roe v. Wade. The almost half-a-century law provides a constitutional right for those who seek out an abortion.

Cheers echoed around Guilford's town green as a crowd of abortion rights advocates joined together to support each other.

Dawn Carafeno, who led the demonstration in Guilford, told NBC Connecticut this battle is personal.

"I've also had 11 miscarriages, and in some of those situations, procedures that I had to have after that traumatic event in my life, under these laws that they want to push down the pike now, I could go to jail," said Carafeno.

"It’s absolutely terrible, we can’t let it happen. I feel as if we should not be fighting a battle that my grandparents, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother already won for us. They already did this,” she continued.

The growing uproar falls on the heels of a leaked U.S. Supreme Court opinion stating that there are enough justices to overturn Roe Vs. Wade. If the supreme court moves forward with rolling back the almost half-a-century decision, abortion rights would be left up to state leaders.

Governor Lamont signed a bill into law protecting patients and medical providers who seek out an abortion earlier this month.

In Hartford, demonstrators joined others around the state and country who are pushing for abortion rights. Those who showed up had signs in their hands and allowed their voices to cry out from the steps of the State Capitol.

The group also argued that the decision to strike down abortion rights could open up the door for future arguments and additional rights.

"LGBTQ rights, birth control rights, interracial marriage rights, all of the rights to privacy set forth in the 14th amendment, and we need to stand up and be heard," said abortion rights advocate, Marie Gall-Hall.

Hartford's Archdiocese also made a statement.

“The leaked court opinion written by Justice Alito reflects a belief long held by many that the legal basis of Roe v. Wade was deeply flawed and in need of thorough, objective review and reversal. Although the framework for the opinion is strictly legal, it is no less a moral victory for all who believe the truth that life begins at conception and is to be protected by law."

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