Abused Cat Finds Forever Home

Just a few weeks ago a cat was in critical condition after officers says she was hung by a shoestring in Hartford. Now that cat has defied expectations and has a new home.

“Took her out of the carrier and I’m like ‘oh! I like her, ’” says Samantha Sasseville.

The Sasseville family has named their new cat, Piper. And she joins other rescues in the home.

“She just kind of fit in and she kind of fit in with our other cats,” says Sasseville.

Piper’s life has not always been so relaxing. She had a tough recovery during the past couple weeks from what’s described as a horrific condition.

Hartford police say Carlos Trinidad attacked the cat and hung her by a shoestring in mid-January. The cat was his girlfriend’s and they had just had an argument.

Animal control says they found the cat lifeless and rushed her to the vet to be treated and recover.

“We knew what had happened to her. We didn’t know what the long-term effects would be,” says Cassie Packard, director of Cassie’s Kitten Kastle.

Cassie’s Kitten Kastle and another group called Kenway’s Cause helped the cat find a new home.

So far the six-month old’s health appears to fine.

And what was supposed to be a quick cat-sitting at the Sasseville’s has turned into a forever home.

“We’re cat people. We’re animal people. It’s nice to give an animal a good home. A good loving, home,” says Sasseville.

The suspect in connection with Piper’s case faces charges including animal cruelty.

Animal control says this is another example of why tougher laws and punishment are needed for those people who abuse animals.

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