New “Hope” for Badly Abused Pit Bull That Needs $2,500 in Surgery

Authorities have arrested a New Britain woman and expect to charge her boyfriend after their pit bull suffered serious injuries that will cost more than $2,500 to treat, according to police.

Police said a concerned neighbor tipped them off in February to the pit bull's constant crying. The caller told police the young pup, owned by Angela Caffrey of South Main Street, walked with a limp and appeared to have a broken leg.

New Britain police also said the neighbor heard what sounded like someone slamming the dog against a wall. Animal control showed up at Caffrey's apartment at 380 South Main Street and found the pooch in bad shape.

According to a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for the pup's surgery, the pit bull's mouth and nose were bleeding, her face was swollen and her breathing was heavy. A vet who checked her out said the dog also suffered lung contusions and broken bones in her face, leg and hip.

Caffrey said she thought the dog had fallen from a bed and told authorities she didn't have money for treatment, according to police.

Animal control worried the dog's rescue may have come too late.

"Miraculously, she not only pushed through the night but was able to stand and walk herself outside by morning," members the animal hospital wrote on GoFundMe. "Although she had some difficulty eating, her appetite was in full force. Her strength, determination and ability to trust earned her the name Hope, and our staff quickly fell in love."

"Hope" underwent her first round of surgery on March 30 and will have another procedure April 2. Authorities are raising money to defray the cost of her vet bills, which will total more than $2,500.

"Although her journey to recovery isn't over yet, Hope's healing and joyful spirit continue to amaze and inspire all those who care for her," the animal hospital wrote.

Caffrey, who surrendered ownership of Hope, told investigators her boyfriend, Quamane Cherry, 25, of Middletown, was responsible for taking care of the dog.

New Britain police have arrested Caffrey on animal cruelty charges and said Middletown police have also obtained a warrant for Cherry's arrest.

No information was available on attorneys for Caffrey and Cherry.

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