Help Find Who Abused Molly the Puppy

The SPCA of Connecticut is hoping a $5,000 reward will lead police to the person who severely neglected and abused a 4-month-old puppy.

The pit bull pup named "Molly" was rescued last Thursday by a good Samaritan who noticed someone  trying to sell the dog on a street in Bridgeport.  The ASPCA in Monroe says the good Samaritan was able to get the dog away from the seller after threatening to call police.

Neglect and abuse has left the puppy with a life-threatening condition called sarcopic mange, commonly known as canine scabies. The puppy's pink and swollen skin is also a sign that her already sensitive body was left out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

ASPCA Director Fredrick Ackers says this is one of the worst cases of animal abuse he's seen. "This is just sick. This is just another example of what people do to animals," he said.

Acker says that Molly will need time for her body to heal but hopes to eventually find someone to love her and give her a good home. "She's one of the sweetest dogs, with the prettiest eyes and she's going to be beautiful," said Ackers.

Ackers hopes the reward will encourage anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of Molly's abuser to contact the police or  his organization, the ASPCA.

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