Fan Sales, ER Visits Spike

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The Evster

If you were outside in Connecticut on Monday, even for only a few seconds, you certainly felt the heat.

The state is going through an unusually hot stretch that is expected to continue through Tuesday and there were signs of it across the state.

At Lowes in Newington, air conditioners and fans have been flying off the shelves.

On Monday night, Al Cabrera gave in and bought a new air conditioning unit for his family.

“I need AC because it’s too hot,” Cabrera said.

Joe Binkowski, of West Hartford, has been thinking about buying a new air conditioner and the temperature outside forced his hand.

“It’s probably about time to replace the one I’ve got,” Binkowski said.

On Monday evening, the emergency room at St. Francis Hospital saw five patients who suffered from heat-related illness.

“They range from just sort of feeling generally fatigued and nauseous,” said Dr. John Pettini. “One person we just treated got to the 14th hole on the golf course and fainted.”

The most important advice during the heat wave is to drink water Dr. Pettini says. He says that even if you do not feel thirsty, it is important to keep drinking.

While you don’t need to keep your children inside, it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re drinking too, he said.

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