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Farmington Woman Questions Health Insurance Cancellation Notice



    A Farmington woman received a cancellation notice from Anthem even though she's has been enrolled in coverage. (Published Tuesday, March 25, 2014)

    With less than a week left to sign up on the state’s health insurance exchange, there are still bumps in the road, as one Farmington woman found out when she received a letter Saturday saying her coverage would be canceled.

    Karla Dalley was paying for a plan on Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield before the state’s health care exchange was rolled out and decided to look for a better deal through the exchange last year. She found a new Anthem plan she liked and signed up.

    Dalley said she paid the first bill when it arrived in December and has continued to pay her bills on time. However, over the weekend she got a letter from Anthem stating the insurance company had not received her first month’s premium payment.

    “Therefore, your application for coverage is cancelled,” the letter said.

    “I initially looked at the letter and laughed, and I showed it to my husband said, ‘Huh, look at this. Aren’t they confused?’” Dalley said.

    Anthem officials said they have recently started sending letters to customers who have enrolled but haven’t paid their premiums. The company confirms that Dalley is still enrolled with Anthem and said it’s possible she signed up for two separate policies.

    Dalley saved her bills and checks and sent all the paperwork to Anthem to clear up the issue.

    “I’m sure this is a technical glitch and shouldn’t be a problem, but this is really not making me happy,” Dalley said.

    Anthem encourages anyone who has a question or issue to call the customer service line.

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