Access Health Responds to Tax Documents Glitch

Some residents insured under Access Health CT have run into problems with key tax documents.

Customers of the state's health care marketplace said they either haven't received their 1095-A tax forms or the forms contained mistakes that could lead to tax penalties.

"While the form is rather simple, the data that goes into that form gets reconciled not only with Access Health, gets reconciled with each of the carriers, gets reconciled with Access Health, gets reconciled with the Federal Government. All of those things are going on behind the scenes," said Access Health CEO Jim Wadleigh.

The 1095-A form contains vital information. It shows whether customers paids their premiums, how much they paid, whether they qualified for federal subsidies to help pay for coverage and which health insurance providers they use.

The issues regarding forms that may have incomplete or incorrect subsidy or premium information are not limited to Connecticut.

"I was on a conference call with other CEOs and other marketplaces are having the same problems," Wadleigh said.

In some cases, Wadleigh explained, customers received two different 1095-A forms. He said those were the result of changes in coverage during the open enrollment period.

Put another way, individuals who purchased one kind of coverage canceled it, then enrolled for another insurance plan.

"In those cases, they were supposed to receive two forms," Wadleigh said.

Facebook users described some of the issues as "ridiculous" and a "nightmare."

Wadleigh apologized and said he wants anyone with issues regarding their 1095-A to get in touch with Access Health directly.

The IRS and Treasury Department announced that anyone with an issue regarding their health insurance tax information needs to file an extension for their tax filings by midnight on April 15. Also, anyone who receives their correct 1095-A by April 15 is encouraged to send in the form as-is, and does not need to file an amended return.

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