Accused Killer's Text to Mom: I Killed a Girl

Eduardo Ortiz texted his mother to let him rot in jail, according to court documents.

A Waterbury man accused of killing a woman in Waterbury on Tuesday sent chilling texts to his mother hours before the body was found, according to court documents.

Between 1:48 a.m. and 1:49 a.m., Eduardo Ortiz, 27, sent three texts to his mother. He wrote that he killed a girl downstairs (in his basement apartment) and asked her to let him rot in jail and to take care of his children, according to court documents.

On Wednesday, police identified the victim as Maria Izquierdo, 37, of Waterbury. 

Police said Ortiz picked her up for sex and turned on her when she realized he had no intention of paying her. They said he killed her in his basement apartment at 99 Springbrook Road between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and was dragged her body across the street. She was found just before 7:30 a.m., covered in debris.

Ortiz lives with family members and they called police on Tuesday morning when they found a bloody sock, a trail of blood from Eduardo’s apartment and their trashcan moved across the street, according to court documents. Outside, across the street from the house, there was a body on an embankment, covered in debris.

It was Izquierdo's partially clothed body, police said. She was wearing only a thong and a sock. She had been stabbed several times, her throat was cut and she appeared to have been assaulted, according to court documents.

Police checked Eduardo’s apartment and found the mattress of a sleeper sofa covered in blood.

But Eduardo was nowhere to be found, nor was his car.

After a day of searching, police found Ortiz in Bridgeport and charged him with murder.

He was arraigned on Tuesday and still being held on $1 million, according to the Waterbury Republican-American.

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