Police Investigating Burglaries in Ellington

State police are searching for the burglars who struck at a deli and gas station on Route 30 in Ellington, cut utility lines and managed to get away. 

One burglary was at the Shell gas station, where the thieves went on the roof and cut the utility lines to disable the alarm and video surveillance, smashed a window and the ice machine, broke the front door, stole cigarettes and tried to break into an ATM. 

A neighbor noticed a light blinking on and off and called the owner.

"I’m going to lose about two, three, maybe four days of business," Sibylle Rogalla, the owner of the Shell station, said. "I lost my cigarettes, you know. You don’t want to claim with your insurance company because the deductible is so high so you’re on the losing end every time they came in.” 

Rogalla, who has owned the business for 39 years, said this is the fifth time she's been burglarized.

"I'm ready to sell my business. I'm 76 years old. I've about had it," she said. 

There was another burglary down the street at Lakeside Deli & Market, where utility lines were also cut.

Police are at the scene with at least one K9 in search of burglars. 

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