Breonna Taylor

Activists Continue 12-Hour Rally for Social Justice Amid Breonna Taylor Decision

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A rally that started Wednesday night in Manchester in response to the decision over charges in the death of Breonna Taylor continues Thursday morning .

About a dozen people came together for a 12-hour long protest at the intersection of Center and Main Streets at 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

Those fighting for social justice said they were disappointed by the decision not to charge any police officers directly with the death of Breonna Taylor.

"We've had enough," said Power Up Manchester Founder, Keren Prescott. "We are beyond sick and tired."

Before that, a group hit the streets for what they dubbed a car parade for justice, spreading their message as they wound through some neighborhoods in town.

After protesting for quite some time, some became emotional as the Taylor news weighed on them and they promised they weren’t giving up.

“I fight for you. I will continue to fight for you,” said Prescott.

No police officers were charged directly with the death of Breonna Taylor. Activists took to the streets to protest the decision.

U.S. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro tweeted out a statement after the decision:

More justice for Breonna Taylor rallies are planned throughout the state, including one on the New Haven Green Thursday afternoon.

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