ADT Sends Waterbury Man to Collections Over Incorrect Charges

A Waterford man reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds after receiving a $692 bill from a home security service he stopped using more than a year ago.

Dick Andriola thought he canceled his old home's service with ADT before moving out. He went through the appropriate channels, returned his equipment and months later, got the charge indicating his account was still open.

He said the customer service agents wouldn’t waive the fees, so Andriola had his attorney step in.

"My lawyers sent them a letter stating we didn't owe them money and the reasons why," said Andriola. "And they just ignored that."

Then, ADT sent him to collections.

"That’s what really upset me," said Andriola.

He took ADT to small claims court in June 2015. A judge ruled in his favor, but ADT didn’t respond.

When the lingering charge started affecting his credit score, Andriola called NBC Connecticut Responds. He said he felt he had nowhere else to turn.

Shortly after the NBC Connecticut Responds consumer team got involved, an agent resolved the charge, paid his court fees and turned off the collection agency. The company states—

"We have resolved the issue with Mr. Andriola and am processing a check in the full amount that will be sent to him shortly. We have also turned off the collection agency. We appreciate NBC News alerting us to this matter and am glad we were able to handle the resolution in a timely manner."

Now, 13 months since his initial complaint, Andriola waits for just one more fix.

"ADT says they will make sure that my credit is restored," said Andriola. "And they have settled with me, thankfully, but I’d just like them to follow through to part two. I want to move on."

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