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After Opening Second Location, Restaurant Owner Reflects on the Journey

Demetrius Mack started More Than Just Lobster when he couldn't find the flavors he was used to back home in New York.

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For Demetrius Mack, known as Mack to just about everybody, the foods of the sea have been his favorite for as long as he can remember. But when the New York native arrived in the Nutmeg State, he says he couldn’t find what he was used to back home.

“For years after moving from New York to Connecticut I used to drive back, drive back, drive back just to get that taste. And I said the people of Connecticut needed that taste as well. So, I just took a chance,” says Mack.

That chance turned into more than just lobster. A seafood restaurant serving up all kinds of seafood with a unique, secret kick. The first location opened in New Britain in 2019.

This summer, Mack opened his second location on Main Street in Hartford, right across from City Hall.

At More than Just Lobster 1 and 2, steam bags - seafood boils in bags with unique flavor pairings - are customer favorites.

Mack says there aren’t as many people of color as he’d like to see represented in the New England seafood industry, but he’s been welcomed with open arms. He believes his spirit of perseverance has helped him find his way.

“They’re amazed I came in with no background, no experience. And just jumped in with my own menu, my own recipe, all my own things."

As he plans for more success, he hopes anyone else who might be thinking of trying to turn their own dream into reality one day will make the choice to just go for it.

“To not try is a failure. If you don’t go with your dreams, it’s not going to ever come true. Look at me… two, two in since 2019. Two of them!”

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