AG: “I Regret That I Misspoke”

Attorney general Richard Blumenthal stood surrounded by veterans on Tuesday afternoon to address a newspaper report that he falsely led people to believe he had served in Vietnam, and said he regrets misspeaking.

“On a few occasions, I have misspoken about my service and I regret that. I take full responsibility, but I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service,” he said.

Blumenthal said he was not aware of his “misplaced words” when he spoke them.

Blumenthal took questions after making his statements.

“I may have misspoken. I did misspeak on a few occasions out of hundreds I have attended,” he said.  

When a reporter asked him why he did not correct the record when it was reported that he served in Vietnam, Blumenthal said there are many reports and journalists sometimes make mistakes.

“I can't be held responsible for all the articles. I might not have seen them,” he said. “Sometimes journalists make mistakes.”

When asked if he should apologize, the veterans there in his support said "no" again and again. To with he responded that he regrets his misplaced words.  

He said he volunteered to join the U.S. Marine Corp Reserves 40 years ago, and received no special treatment

“I joined the Reserves by picking up the phone and signing up,” he said. “Unlike many of my peers, I chose to sign up.”

He said he served six years, reached the ranks of sergeant and was honorable discharged.

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