AG Wants State Custody of Dogs Seized From Orange Home Amid Dogfighting Investigation

Police seized seven dogs from a home in Orange as part of an investigation into a dogfighting ring.
Connecticut State Police

The Attorney General is looking for state custody of dogs seized from a home in Orange earlier this month amid a multi-state investigation into an alleged dogfighting ring.

The investigation has taken authorities from New York to Meriden and Orange.

The alleged dogfighting ring is one of the biggest that Connecticut Attorney General William Tong said he’s seen.

Earlier this month, the investigation took investigators to a home on Grassy Hill Road in Orange, where authorities seized seven dogs.

A multi-state investigation into a dogfighting ring continues. This week police seized several more dogs. The case has taken authorities from New York to Meriden to Orange, and investigators expect it’s far from over.

They said they were tethered within outdoor cages and conditions were unsanitary. Police said several items taken indicate the dogs were being kept for the purpose of fighting.

The dogs are being cared for at the Milford Animal Shelter.

“Dog fighting is cruel and illegal. No animal should ever be treated this way. This is an active and ongoing criminal investigation, and I will continue to work closely with police and the Department of Agriculture to ensure the safe care of each and every dog recovered,” Tong said in a statement.

He is seeking permanent state custody of the dogs, Vera, Angie, Zebra, Sypher, Mugshot, Horris, and Lucy.  He said they were suffering from ear and eye infections and malnutrition, and have scars likely caused by bite wounds.

Police, Tong said, also found several record books at the property and they included a list of approximately 80 dogs potentially involved in dog fighting.

He added that police also uncovered dogfighting guides and magazines, breeder information, scales, collars, and veterinary grade equipment and medicine believed to be associated with the illegal dogfighting ring.

Connecticut State Police had previously raided a property on Britannia Street in Meriden on July 31 and seized eight pit bulls found in cages in a backyard.

Tong said evidence seized in that raid, including a text message chain with videos of dog and cockfighting operations, led police to the Orange property.

Tong previously moved for state custody of the Meriden dogs and he said that case is pending. The dogs are currently in the care of the Milford Animal Shelter.

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