Airport Gets Ready for Snowy Holiday Travel

As the last flight departed from Bradley International Airport and the terminals emptied Tuesday night, it truly was the calm before the storm.

AAA predicts 3.5 million Americans will take to the skies between Wednesday and Sunday, the same time Old Man Winter plans on dumping its first snow storm across Connecticut.

“We are certainly monitoring the storm that is expected tomorrow, but we plan on keeping Bradley open and operational for the duration of the storm,” said Kevin Dillon, executive director of the Connecticut Airport Authority.

To help curb travel issues, some airlines offered the option of a quick switch free of charge before the snow started.

Jonann Lemoine made the change to guarantee a smooth trip to Lexington, South Carolina.

“We took advantage of that because we didn’t want to miss our flight tomorrow and then possibly miss Thanksgiving with our family,” said Lemoine.

However, as the hours wore on, the flights filled and empty seats were harder to come by.

“Folks should really stay with the flight they are on right now because there is not a lot of capacity to rebook,” said Dillon.

According to Dillion, individual carriers have the final say on cancellations and delays. His responsibility is to keep the airport ready to accept and send out all that is scheduled.

“We have some of the best snow removal crews in the country so we are not anticipating any problems in that regard,” said Dillon.

His recommendations for the busiest travel day of the year are simple: arrive early and pack your patience.

“We are going to work very hard tomorrow to make sure it’s an enjoyable day for folks traversing through the airport,” Dillon said.

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