Alberta Clipper Ushers In Cold Temperatures

An Alberta Clipper will bring a few flurries and sprinkles today and much colder temperatures by the weekend!

So what is an Alberta Clipper?

Alberta Clippers are a type of storm system during the winter months that typically bring a quick hitting period of snow and are often times followed by colder temperatures. Because of their speed and lack of moisture, they typically don't produce significant accumulation.

So why do we call them Alberta Clippers?

The term comes from the storm's origin - Alberta, Canada (or nearby the Canadian Rockies). The term "clipper" is used as it relates to quick-moving clipper sailing ships. 

As the storm flies by today, we may see a few flurries close to the Massachusets state boarder and sprinkles in southern CT, but most of the day looks dry.

Behind the clipper we have cooler temperatures for the weekend in the low 30s on Saturday, lows in the single digits and teens Sunday morning, climbing into the upper 30s Sunday afternoon. 

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