C'mon ‘N Ride the Train on Thanksgiving

Metro North is adding trains for the holidays

Whether you're a Connecticut resident heading into New York or a former Connecticut resident returning from Manhattan, traveling is getting a little easier for Thanksgiving, at least by rail.  

Metro North is adding trains to accommodate the extra travelers. On Wednesday, extra trains will run from Grand Central Station to New Haven, so you can get home on time.
If your holiday weekend plans include the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Metro North is adding extra inbound service on Thursday. But you’ll need to check the schedule because trains will be operating on a holiday schedule.
Connecticut residents who dream of spending Black Friday shopping on 5th Avenue can also hop on the train. 
Metro North will operate on a “Saturday” schedule, but there will be additional trains for those of you heading into the city early or coming home later with your arms full of packages. 
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