Alleged Gang Member From Norwalk Arrested on Heroin Charges

A 20-year-old Norwalk man has been arrested on drug charges after selling heroin to undercover officers, police said.

Omar Reid, of Fort Point Street in Norwalk, accused of selling “large amounts of heroin” in Norwalk and along the Route 1 corridor in Darien.

Police said Reid sold heroin to undercover officers in multiple places in Norwalk and was arrested April 9 while trying to make another sale in the parking lot at 201 Liberty Square. He’s a self-proclaimed member of the “Rollin 30” Harlem Crip gang, according to police.

Reid was reportedly found in possession of a “bundle,” or 10 folds of packaged heroin. Investigators searched Reid’s home and found two more bundles under his pillow, police said.

Reid is charged with five counts of sale and possession of narcotics to an undercover officer and sale and possession within 1500 feet of a daycare.

His bond was set at $450,000. Reid is due in court April 17.

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