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Allergy Symptoms Flaring Up With Warm, Dry, & Breezy Weather

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Have you noticed your seasonal allergies acting up the past few weeks? You're not alone. Allergy season was a little delayed this year with a wet and cool start to spring but we are making up for it now.

"It has to come out at some point,” explains Dr. Jeff Facto, of the Connecticut Asthma and Allergy Center.  “And it's pretty late this time of year, for tree pollen especially."

Tree and grass pollen are the biggest culprits right now.

"People who are allergic to both are getting the double whammy," Dr. Factor said.

Like Lisa Primus, of Bristol, and her daughter.

"I feel like every year I’m pretty much saying how terrible they are, but again they're pretty terrible this year,” Primus said. “I think the past few weeks have just been so bad because of the wind. I could be wrong, but that's just my hunch. The windy days seem to be the worst."

And she's right! Pollen can travel 20 to 40 miles on a windy day.

So how can you get some relief?

While ideally you've already started your allergy medication, it's not too late. Over-the-counter medications can cause significant relief and there's power in numbers! Using a combination of a nasal spray, eye drops and oral antihistamines is most effective.

Other tips to alleviate allergy symptoms include closing your windows and changing your air filters frequently, taking a shower and changing your clothes after spending time outside, adding local honey to your diet and probably an unpopular option -- wearing a mask while outdoors.

"They would help some, especially even a filter mask. A surgical mask would be helpful,” explains Dr. Factor.  “But most people are not willing to do that and I can understand that at this point."

But there is good news if you're getting tired of your runny nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezy.

According to Dr. Factor "symptoms will resolve by the end of June, perhaps even sooner for those who are allergic to just tree pollen. Grass pollen can extend until the end of June, maybe into early July and then that tends to subside, so I think the seasonal allergy sufferers don't have that much more discomfort to experience."

And that is something to look forward to.

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