Amazing Shot Wins Trumbull Man a Car

Fairfield Chevy half-court shot
Tesauro Productions

A Trumbull man’s amazing half-court shot will win him a brand new car, even after some apparent controversy over whether his foot went a little over the line.

John Queenan, of Trumbull, went to the Fairfield University vs. Loyola basketball game on Monday and sunk the shot everyone is talking about when he took part in a Tri-State Chevy half-court shot contest for a new car. 

This Tesauro Productions video is the one people have been watching and talking about.

Local sports blogs, including the Hearst newspapers college sports blog, covered the story and reported that there was some question over whether Queenan would actually get the car because the insurance company had to verify it.

Queenan said the marketing company said the shot needed to be verified, but Chevy has come forward and said he will receive the car.

Queenan will get a new Chevy Cruz from Tri-State Chevy, a source close to Tri-State Chevy dealerships told NBC Connecticut.

"It was the right thing to do," Leo Karl, the president of Karl Chevrolet in New Canaan, told the Connecticut Post. "We decided to award him the car regardless of what the insurance company does," he said in reference to reports that an insurance company would have to verify the shot.

Queenan, who played high school basketball in Long Island and coaches in elementary school, said that the dealership has been great and he thinks he will be getting the new car in the next week.

This is the first time Queenan has done some something like this in 25 years, and he's never before taken the shot in front of a crowd of 19,000, so he was pleasantly surprised when he sunk it.

In the meantime, Queenan's phone has been ringing off the hook.

"It's a little surreal," he said.


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