AmeriCares Sends Help to Ecuador

Stamford-based AmeriCares is preparing to send relief to the people of Ecuador after Saturday’s devastating earthquake and the organization is airlifting medical supplies and other necessities to the South American nation.

The supplies are expected to reach Ecuador in the next few days.

The death toll of from the earthquake is in the hundreds, with thousands more injured and many still unaccounted for.

Two AmeriCares staffers are expected to arrive in Ecuador by Tuesday night and will work with existing non-governmental organizations to develop a plan for relief and rebuilding.

“It’s been very hard to reach the rural areas. So, until we have a full assessment on the ground, we don’t know exactly what the extent of our supply will be. But that’s also why we’re sending people,” Jed Selkowitz, senior vice president of communications for AmeriCares, said.

As AmeriCares learns more about the full scope of this monumental tragedy, they’ll send more supplies and possibly more manpower.

They said they will continue to lend a helping hand for as long as necessary.

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