An Inside Look at the Groton Navy Research Lab

The Naval Submarine Medical Research Lab is celebrating 75 years.

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The Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (NSRML), based in Groton, is celebrating 75 years.

The lab researches how different environments and situations affect the health and performance of sailors and divers at sea. Their work helps to keep undersea warfighters safe.

“We realize the difficult operational environments that both of these communities work in- submariners and divers- and we try to optimize both their medical readiness and operational readiness through our research," said Captain Katharine Shobe, the commanding officer of the NSRML.

For their 75th anniversary, the research lab gave us a tour of the facility.

Our crew saw a wide range of research, from sleep studies to hearing studies. The research team showed us technology they use including a hyperbaric chamber and an underwater air-gun.

One experiment featured a diver who was cycling underwater. The research team was studying his cognitive abilities to see how underwater work affects the mind.

Shobe said it is important that the researchers study a variety of topics.

“Because it is not one particular thing that will impact a sailor and if we are able to investigate these things and bring them together to optimize the health and performance, we are proud to do so," said Shobe.

In honor of the 75th anniversary, NSMRL and the Submarine Force Museum are unveiling a limited-time display highlighting the lab's history. The exhibit is open to the public.

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