Another Hot Night for Graduations

People in golf carts will be available to help people who are sick from heat.

After 26 people were treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration at graduations on Wednesday, some schools holding graduations on Thursday are taking extra precautions because of intense heat.

Weston schools have altered the program to keep the high school graduation ceremony to 90 minutes because of the heat.

They sent out an alert, letting parents know that cooling stations will be set up around the tent at graduation and support staff will be there to help anyone who experiences difficulty with the heat.

Anyone suffering from heat can go to the cafeteria-auditorium at the intermediate school during the ceremony.

Staff with golf carts will be able to transport people who need assistance.

People attending Weston’s graduation should bring water, but more water will be available.

Fermi High School in Enfield will also graduate tonight and the ceremony will be on a turf field, so school officials are warning that the temperature will be even hotter than normal. To deal with the heat, school officials are asking people to bring bottled water, but no other beverages will be allowed in.


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