Ansonia Drivers Frustrated by Condition of Wakelee Avenue

Drivers in Ansonia are frustrated by the poor conditions of Wakelee Avenue.

The road was torn up last summer when Eversource replaced gas lines.

An Eversource contractor did the work and temporarily patched the road, but drivers are getting impatient waiting for a permanent fix.

“Cars are just going all over the road trying to avoid holes, the cracks and things like that and it’s dangerous,” said Chicago Rivers, of Ansonia.

“Most people have had to have their cars realigned at least a few times in the last year because of the condition of the road,” Roger Parauka, of Ansonia, said.

Mayor David Cassetti said the permanent fix should be coming this fall.

According to him, the Department of Transportation is reviewing plans to repave the entire stretch of road, replace sidewalks, curbs, drainage and lighting. He said the city has already secured $5 million from the Valley Council of Governments in 2011.

The city of Ansonia has to contribute 10 percent or $500,000, which the board of alderman approved in 2015, Cassetti said.

In light of the complaints, an Eversource spokesperson told NBC Connecticut the company has already walked Wakelee Avenue twice, once in October and again in May, and patched areas city officials pointed out as problem spots.

Eversource plans to discuss additional areas of concern with the mayor next week.

Mayor Cassetti said he expects the full repaving project to be bid in August and awarded in October of this year.

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