Ansonia Police Warn of Impersonators Trying to Pull People Over

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Ansonia police are looking into a complaint of people impersonating officers trying to pull cars over and they are issuing a warning to residents.

Police said they received a complaint this morning that three to four people were in an unmarked Toyota Camry or Honda with blue and red flashing lights, trying to pull cars over in the Wakelee Avenue and Franklin Street area.

The Ansonia Police Department said it does not have Toyota or Honda unmarked vehicles and is not aware of any surrounding departments having those vehicles.

Police said the department does have unmarked vehicles equipped with emergency lights and sirens, but all employees driving those vehicles will be in either uniform or are clearly identifiable as a police officer, police said.

They urge all drivers that if an unmarked vehicle attempts to pull you over and you are not sure it is the police, drive the speed limit, go to a well-populated area before stopping or call 911 while you are driving to report the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call 203-735-1885 or leave anonymous tips through TIP 411 here.

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