UConn Donors Seek Final Four Packages

On Audubon Street in New Haven, four floors up in an office building, is the understated hive of Husky "Hoop-de-doo," as one manager at WorldTek Travel called it.

When UConn donors call for Final Four packages, this is where the calls go. WorldTek sells packages of airline tickets, hotel rooms and game tickets to fans who have come to count on a trip to the women's basketball Final Four.

"It's a pretty sure bet every year that they're gonna be there," said Dave Smith, who went to his first Final Four for WorldTek and UConn nearly 20 years ago.

WorldTek sold out of the men's basketball packages on Monday.

Smith said the Huskies' presence in North Texas has come as a happy surprise, boosting the intensity of sales to begin with, because it was unexpected on the men's side.

UConn donors have been making their choice between Final Fours. Some choose both, as Smith did in 2004.

"I went back and forth between San Antonio on the men's side and New Orleans on the women's side, and traveled back and forth, both semifinals and finals, which was a thrill," he said.

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