Anti-Mask Protesters Disrupt Governor's Education Roundtable

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A group of protesters disrupted an education roundtable being hosted by Gov. Ned Lamont Wednesday afternoon in Cheshire and ended with the governor needing to be escorted to a waiting car by his security detail.

The discussion, which was open to the public, was focused on students and staff going back to school and how to maintain a safe environment.

During the roundtable, around a dozen parents held signs and yelled out concerns about the state requiring their kids to have masks in school.

"Got a little hot in Cheshire, on a hot day," Lamont said later.

The facilitator cut short the event and as Lamont was heading to his car, he was confronted by several people. His security detail had to stand between the chief executive and the protesters as officers brought the governor to his car.

"I was surprised to see young mothers with two 7-year-olds one in either hand shouting vulgarities and being as rude as they were," the governor said. "I mean, we’re all sitting there we’re trying to keep their kids safe. We’re trying to do it the best way we can possible and it’s not Connecticut."

Other local school leaders were disappointed at what occurred during the event.

“The is a reflection of how we can’t have a civil dialogue," said Dr. Jeff Solan, superintendent of Cheshire Public Schools.

The governor's communications director, Max Reiss, released a statement: "These bullying tactics will not change what we all know to be true and agreed upon by both the scientific and academic communities: masks work and they help to keep our communities safe, especially young children who are not yet eligible to be vaccinated."

Lamont said later that he intends to continue with requiring masks for students in grades K-12 at least through the first month of the new school year.

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