Anti-Semitic Sign Discovered Near Yale-New Haven Hospital

The doctor who discovered an anti-Semitic sign publicly displayed on Chapel Street in New Haven says it has no place “anywhere in the world.”

“I saw it for what it was,” Dr. Plotke said, “a patently offensive, anti-Semitic sign.”

While walking to lunch on Chapel Street, near Day Street, earlier this month, Plotke spotted a sign saying “Yale is a Jew hole, let’s round them up.”

He snapped photos of the sign, then tore it down and reported it to Yale Police.

“Obviously, I know about anti-Semitism, but I’ve never actually come face-to-face with a sign like that,” he said.

Yale University’s Office of Public Affairs responded with a statement.

“The sign was hateful and despicable. Yale police were notified about it Oct. 4 via a feedback option on the website,” Thomas Conroy wrote. “Although it was not on campus, Yale responded and thanked the person and went to the scene. As you know, the sign was down then.”

Plotke does not expect the person who is responsible for posting the sign in public to be caught.

“The important thing is they are aware it occurred and they’ll be more vigilant,” he said, “I think it is not just the question of anti-Semitism, but any kind of bigoted statement or activities has to be noted and opposed.”

Plotke said he also notified the Anti-Defamation League and the New Haven Jewish Federation about the anti-Semitic sign.

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