Approaching Summer Heat Creating Hot Business For Cooling Industry

HVAC companies and swimming pool installers are seeing high demand with a heatwave in the forecast.

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What a difference a week can make. With temperatures in the 40s over Memorial Day weekend some people may have turned on the heat. Now, they’re thinking about the opposite.

Temps could reach 90 degrees this weekend and even higher into next week. Anticipating the season’s first heat wave, Marissa Garcia of West Hartford has a plan.

“Putting on the air conditioner and I hope it works,” she says with a concerned laugh.

Garcia says her air conditioning system has recently been charged but says she’s concerned because it is 34 years old. She isn’t the only concerned homeowner. One air conditioning company we spoke with says there’s only one way to describe how the approaching summer is affecting business.

“Busy, busy and busier,” said East Hartford Heating & Cooling owner Rob Rolfe.

Rolfe explained that with the forecast, people are trying to ensure their system is working.

“People are just kind of in a panic mode at this point. They knew they had a problem all year from last year and now they’re back into that mode of I can’t live without AC,” he said.

With high temperatures approaching, preventative maintenance is strongly suggested. Make sure the unit is uncovered, change filters and give it a test run.

“If it’s not cooling off within a couple of hours people should probably call a service company and at least get a checked out,” Rolfe said.


If you have a swimming pool you might have the most popular house in the neighborhood this weekend. Swimming pools have always been a great way to stay cool in the summer months, but you may be in for a wait if you’re looking to have one installed.

Juliano Pools of Vernon says there is an incredible demand that was a byproduct of the pandemic.

“People were home. They wanted their pools and the phone started ringing. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen in 27 years," said Brian Juliano.

Juliano says that demand is the same this year. To keep up, it is all hands on deck. He’s even recruited former workers like Scott Croft to return.

“What we do is just keep moving forward. The work orders are coming and they’re not stopping,” said Croft.

So, just as one project is complete, it’s on to the next one.

“We are going to be in high gear. We’re working seven days a week. And the people are going to be pushing and I’m going to do everything I can to take care of them,” said Juliano.

If you’re planning to put in a pool now though, you will likely need to wait. Juliano Pools says currently, they are booking for November.

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